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Quality work by quality people.

- Cambas Electric Inc

This company is the best. Very professional and very responsive.

- Francis Roemer, Residential Remodeling

We absolutely LOVE our home. Southern Builders of Louisiana, Inc. truly outdid themselves. We enjoy everything about our home and are so very thankful for Southern Builders of Louisiana, Inc.; they gave us our dream! They are extremely professional and caring. Their response time is superb. They're not your typical builders who finish a project and just move on to the next. They're invested in their homeowners and make us feel like they really care. We never imagined being able to buy a new construction home as our first home but Southern Builders of Louisiana, Inc. made that dream a reality for us. Thank you so much Southern Builders of Louisiana, Inc.!

- Hilary Keogh, Residential

When we first began the church - the church was born out of Katrina - This was not anything picturesque, the building was in pieces and dilapidated. We took what was a disaster from Katrina and turned into a palace and from that point on David came into the picture and took charge.. that point everything started to work.

- Pastor Rick & Sheila Noote, Crossfire Church

When we began to look at the quality of the work that Southern Builders was doing, here in the building, the artistry, the attention to detail, we became more and more convinced this was just going to be a terrific place for us. We just enjoyed so much being here, and I can characterize it this way - when at least once a day, your wife looks art you and says “Hunny, I love our condo!”, you know that she’s happy and you’re happy. Thank you Southern Builders of Louisiana for making us both so happy!

- Hans & Pierce, Lasalle Condominiums

This group of builders build a fine quality home. They pay particular attention to details. I highly recommend this company whether you are building a small home or your large dream home. Quality is their specialty.

- Helene Nunez, Helene Team Reality

David is a really great person to work with. He is very friendly and outgoing, always willing to answer our questions, never had a frown. About 2 years in, and David is still fixing the little things that inevitably need touch ups and we really appreciate his willingness to do that, and it speaks loudly about this character and the person he is.


- Fishmen, Lasalle Condominiums


"Builds a fabulous home that we featured on our Builder of Excellence Television show. A man of his word, and very easy to work with."

- Joan Minda, Builders Television Network & 

Builder of Excellence Television Show Producer

Thank you Southern Builders of Louisiana for our newly renovated bathrooms! Y'all did a wonderful job. The team was great and professional... and the team were hard working, professional, and very kind. Thank you for everything!

- Jared Berry, Renovations

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